Die Cut Flat | (27 x 37cm)

Shopping Bag, Solubag


The Solubag Die-Cut Bag is a Classic bag with handles made from fabric style material. Suitable for smaller articles, accessories, or goods sold in small units. The customer can use it multiple times. After the customer is done with it, it can be easily and ecologically dissolved in hot water.

Dimensions: 27 × 37 cm
Weight: 10.15 kg
GSM: 30 Microns
Load Capacity: 2 kg / (4.40 lbs)
Quantity: 1000
Features: 100% environmentally friendly, 100% made from our patented Solubag® material, Soluble in water over 85°C (185°F), Swing/ultrasonic sea, Zero microplastic
Certifications: Biodegradability: ISO 14855-1: 2012, FDA Study: US FDA 21 CFR 175.300 (condition E of use), Innocuousness: SGS standard EN 71-3: 2013 + A1: 2014, Standard Nch 409/ 1 of 2005, Non-Plastic, FTIR Standard: ASTM E 1252-98 (2013), PGC-MS with reference to ISP 17257:2013, Solubility: SGS Standard EN 14372: 2004

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